Hi, I’m Steve. I am a tech consultant in the Indianapolis area with over 15 years of experience of working in IT within the context of ministry. One subset of my work is providing support for a myriad of problems on Windows and Mac systems, including:

  • Malware Infections
  • Systems that are running slow
  • Windows stop screens, known as Bluescreens
  • and many other issues.

If you would like for me to take a look at your computer issues on a freelance basis, head over to my contact page to connect with me.

I have also worked with various ministries, such as Youth for Christ, Campus Crusade for Christ, and small and large churches throughout Indianapolis and Northwest Ohio. I sincerely believe that IT when used well, can be a catalyst for increased effectiveness in ministry. If you are with an organization, and think you would be interested in my services, please let me know

If you represent a non-profit or church, I may be available to provide some consulting for you at no charge. I am particularly interested in providing gratis support for Christian student ministries for children, Jr. High, High School and College students. Please contact me using the contact page to inquire about retaining my services for projects you may have coming up.

Finally, if you are a current customer, and would like to create a new ticket or view your past and present tickets, then click here to create an account, or login to my ticketing system.